Get a fast, secure, scalable and fully Managed CI/CD Service

Reap the fullest benefits with Jenkins Automation by leveraging Kubernetes on AWS developed by Jenkins Experts

Jenkins : Swiss Army Knife of Automation Server

Jenkins is the widely used open-source automation server for CI and CD in SDLC.

Jenkins is the widely used open-source automation server for CI and CD in SDLC.

However running and managing Jenkins can be very complex due to following challenges

CI/CD Outages

CI/CD Outages can become very difficult to troubleshoot as Jenkins is connecting to many plugins in the real practice


Given the complexity to maintain, life cycle management of Jenkins and its plugins is a challenge.


Scaling Jenkins when you have several parallel builds is challenging.

Solve your CI/CD challenges by outsourcing DevOps responsibilities to us

Salient Features of our Managed CI/CD as Service

Choice of Tech-Stack

Jenkins as CI tool, Docker and Kubernetes as the containerization and orchestration tools for continuous deployment (CD). Deployed in AWS. Chosen by leading many industries of different scales across different sectors

Optimal use of Resources

Managed Jenkins hosted on AWS which leverages Kubrnetes for Optimal use of resources. More efficient development through containerization. Pay for what you’d use! Don’t worry about idle resources not consumed on AWS.

Stay in Control

Complexity is instantly removed by leveraging our CI/CD as a managed service. We take care of management , maintenance and general monitoring. Access to 24/7 logging and monitoring tools

Reliability | Scalability| Security

Transfer the responsibility for the 24/7 availability of your container application to DevToppers! Deploy your business-critical applications on our CI/CD platform as a service to automatically scale, and to keep them up-to-date.

Our Experts on Demand!

We have a team of Jenkins experts who are responsible for providing you Jenkins environment with high stability. Focus on your application development and getting the most out of your sprints