Kubernetes is a Game Changer in the Cloud at Enterprise Scale. We have Kubernetes Certified Engineers for professional services.

Kubernetes, stylized as K8S, is a leading container orchestration tool for automatic container deployment and scaling of the containerized applications across cluster of hosts. It is most commonly used with Docker for an efficient development pipeline and for a scalable high-performance infrastructure.


Benefits of K8S

Whilst Kubernetes has become a reliable orchestration platform by solving a lot of problems with deploying containers, configuration and programming of this remains complex and challenging.

Opting for containers and Kubernetes can sometimes be too big a step due to entry barriers and lack of right skills.

Further Mistakes are very likely due to inefficient allocation of computing resources on each pods and due to inefficient management of security with Kubernetes ,leading to unhappy customers and a potential loss in revenue.

Our Certified professionals can build and run your K8S infrastructure by integrating configuration management, CI/CD pipelines on AKS or EKS.

We can guide you in the consultation phase as well as in the earlier build to production-grade build to even securely arranging k8s’ cluster monitoring with Prometheus/ Grafana

We can lower the entry threshold and get you instantly started with your K8S journey.

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